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Facial pain sinus help

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Facial pain sinus help
Facial pain sinus help

Pain felt throughout the face and head is the result of inflamed and swollen sinuses, according to the Mayo Clinic. When the sinuses are swollen, it places pressure on the surrounding areas of the sinus cavity such as the eyes, cheeks, ears and upper teeth. If you experience facial sinus pain for more than three days or if the pain is severe, seek medical help. The Facial pain sinus help of Maryland says the common signs and symptoms of facial sinus pain are the presence of pressure causing pain in one area of the face, parts of the face are tender when touched, the sinus pain increases with sudden movements, pain is more facial pain sinus help upon waking up in the morning, and temperature changes increase the sinus pain. Sinus headaches resulting from sinus pressure are typically dull, throbbing pain in the center of the head.
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